Candidate Skills Analytics

Candidate Skills Analytics is intended to be part of the Talent Acquisition or recruitment process wherein it will help in faster and better screening cutting down process time drastically.

What is Candidate Skills Analytics?

CSA is a Software As A Service application for oragnizations or businesses i.e. it is a B2B application.

Purpose of CSA

The purpose of CAS is to improve the speed and quality of recruitment.

Problem it is trying to solve

CSA improves the recruitment process time by cutting down drastically the speed of information flow from candidates (or applicants) to Hiring Managers and also improves the quality of match of candidates and the job.

And this is done with two parts of the tool. One, is the skills profiler. The Hiring Manager, using the Skills Profiler is able to articulate or put down the skills and the proficiencies in the skills required for the job. It is so much easy for her to do as they just need to pick skills based on the choices the systems presents based on the initial search made by the Hiring Manager.

In this manner the classical Job Description is done away with. JDs are bad. It is textual in nature. Writing text is not easy. Often Hiring Mangers copy paste from elsewhere. Or they write JDs badly. Also they may miss out key elements of the job. By giving them a menu card kind of interface they are able to express fully and easily the skills needed for the job.

CSA sends this JSP i.e. Job Skills Profile to potential candidates as a link. And when the candidates receive the link they can on the screen see the skills required for the job and against the skills that think they have indicate their proficiency. In this manner, there is an application of mind by the candidate on the skills requirement for the job and do not send off the resume with a cursory look given to the JD. Second, this is sort of a self assessment (though there is possibility of one inflating the proficiencies). Third, very importantly since all the potential candidates are applying in the same structured form, skills of the candidates are easy to analyze.

As soon as the candidates submit their profile (called the Candidate Skills Profile) Hiring Manager sees of the screen the skills of the candidate and the match score i.e. %age match of the candidate profile to the job profile.

In this process the entire burden of the recruiter is cut off and the cycle time is drastically cut. The Hiring Manager also is able to analyze at a skills the profiles of the different candidates and is able to make trade offs and take better decisions.

Pricing Model

Companies are charged on Pay Per User model. So if they create a JSP they are charged $1 and if say 5 out of 10 candidates they send the JSP to apply then for the 5 CSP (Candidate Skills Profiles) created, $1 each is paid. And the amounts are deducted from the credit which they need to buy by paying for credits upfront.

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