My Skills +

A dream project of IYS for enablement of Skills Development and Deployment of skills of people - life long.

Right now we are not revealing all aspects of My Skills + as many pieces are on the drawing board.

However, the first piece of My Skills + is to enable "Skills Profiling" by individuals.

Personal Skills Profiling

A tool for people i.e. individuals to create their Skills Profile i.e. a structured articulation of one’s skills and proficiencies in these skills.

The purpose it is trying to solve

Resumes in their textual form is over-living its utility. Very few read one’s resume fully. After all we live in a minimal text era. Resumes exist because there is no alternative. IYS presents a tool for individuals to search, select and rate on skills and create a structured skills profile which brings out clearly what skills one has and how good they are in those skills. Even today people do add skills in sites like Linkedin and job portals. But the skills added are very rudimentary in nature.

By creating Skills profiles the inputs to individuals on job opportunities and learning opportunities will improve.

Pricing Model

Most of the B2C sites in the jobs area provide profile creation or resume adding for free. IYS is experimenting a paid model. Where it is asking for $1 for download of a profile created.

This may or may not work. This needs validation.

Interim Goals

Here one of the goals is to make individuals to create their profiles and add to Linkedins of the world. In that way the popularity of the brand will improve. Also getting people to come and create profile here will give inputs to IYS for improving the Skills Ontology.

Also its popularity may bring B2B customers.

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