IYS Skills Profile

Skills Profile is a presentation of skills and proficiencies in skills. IYS seeks to encourage adoption of a standardized Skills Profile for all people and all jobs.

Skills Profile is like the report cards in school. Report cards of all students is a common template. The subjects for different classes are different but for students within a class the same. It has a way of presenting scores or marks in different subjects in different terms. Apart from subjects report card also covers extra curricular activities and social behaviors.

Reports cards are very useful. It is easy to comprehend from it, the subjects we are doing well in, and not so well in. It is easy to compare and track performance term to term. It is easy to compare performances of different students. If we could have a similar report card for all of us and for all jobs in the world, then many of the activities in talent development, talent deployment and talent management will be very effective.

We can

. compare skills profiles of people and skills profiles of jobs and pick the right matching people well - faster and more precisely.

. we can compare skills profiles of individuals with that of the role or job they are in and indicate the gaps in the skills of the individuals for them to focus their development efforts on

. similarly individuals can identify for the jobs or roles they aspire for, the gaps in their skills and focus on development of these.

. within organizations, planning of moving people between roles in coming quarters or years will become more scientific

. collaborative problem solving and knowledge sharing will improve as one will be able to reach out to the right people with the right skills for help in solving a problem or collaborating on a new idea

. at a macro level, we can do better analytics on skills of people including various other socio-economic factors to arrive at decisions such as which skills are emerging to be in demand and thus encouraging education institutions to focus on them or channelize budgets to Upskilling on these skills.

. at a micro or individual level, we will be able to provide personalized recommendation on development programs based on one's skills profile However, unlike report cards, the complexities in the case of skills profiles is very high given the thousands or skills and thousands or occupations and combinations of them. Also "skills" by its very nature poses several challenges Read about the Issues with Skills and IYS Solution to overcoming these issues with Skills.

The key aspect however is that what do we mean by good quality data on skills or skills profile. Here we will go into some of the expectations of this.

  1. Standardization in terminology or nomenclature of skills.

  2. Detailing into skills. We can't just remain at a high level. Say for example, saying "Project Management". This could mean different things to different people. So we need to get into details.

  3. Holistic: The Skills Profile should cover different aspects of skills profile including knowledge (of concepts, methods, standards etc.), expertise with tools & technologies, activities performed, domain or contextual experience, operational role and soft skills.

  4. Proficiencies in skills

  5. Minimal in text

Apart from the above, Skills Profile should be easy to create and easy to manipulate

The combination of the IYS Skills and Occupations Taxonomy (ISOT) and IYS Skills Profiler (the frontend) achieves the above objectives. IYS makes Skills Profiling of people and jobs standardized, detailed, holistic, data driven and easy.

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