Skills Landscape

  • There are no limits or boundaries to the space. In geography, the world has so many countries and states. These hardly change. In consumer profiling, newer data points are added but the data points itself are not new, they are just now factored into the profiles. In the case of skills, there are limits or boundaries and added to this skills keep emerging with developments in different fields, technology developments and their applications and emerging of newer business models.

    Unlike geographical boundaries, we cannot draw clear boundaries to skills areas. There is an interplay between different areas. Today automotive ventures into electronics, life sciences into information technology. What this means is that occupations in different areas require skills from those where these skills may be predominantly used or be applicable. However, we will have to take into consideration this interplay.

  • Skills is a very vast area that cuts across anything and everything in our walk of life, touching hundreds of disciplines, industries and functions. From simple low skills occupations like portering or house cleaning to high complex fields like life sciences. Compare this with databases in other areas like ICD in healthcare which covers just one discipline. The scope of the skills database is quite vast and we could say infinite.

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