Layer 2 - Master

"Skills" terms are grouped based on their relevance.

Layer 2 - Master

Here, we bring terms from the ‘unique skills’ layer into groups. For example, we bring all the programming languages such as C++ and PHP together. The corollary of this is that no skill can be added in the master table directly i.e. without checking for duplication and normalization.

We create a unique master name and for this master we add one more skill at high level. From these layer 1 nodes, we start constructing a tree.

There is a nomenclature followed while naming the masters. The name includes identification of the high level category that the master belongs to whether it is a tool or activity etc.

There are a few rules here:

  1. One skill from the ‘unique skills’ layer cannot be more than once in a master even if the skill is added in another branch

  2. A ‘unique skill’ may be added in more than one master i.e. a skill may belong to more than one group

  3. There can be any number of levels in a master

This can happen for a number of different reasons:

  1. Because a term has more than one meaning. For example, Apple could be a fruit or the company

  2. Because the term is being referred to in a different context. For example, we may have two different masters such as Areas of Development and Areas of Design and under both we could have UI referring to UI Development and UI Design respectively

  3. Because the context in which the skill is used is different. For example, Python programming language can be used in Application Development as well as Data Analytics. However, given the context, there is a difference in the level of in the two cases

From an operational perspective, the features in the master layer include:

  1. Renaming of a particular node

  2. Renaming of a master

  3. Editing of master name

  4. Creating a new master copying an existing master and renaming it

  5. Uploading skills from an Excel to the master (either to an existing master or by creating a new one)

  6. Visibility of impact of addition of skill in the association (where all the master has been used in the association)

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