A common terminology of Skills

Skills space need a normalization. IYS has considered different scenarios and implemented ways to take care of the normalization of skills terms

We discussed different challenges we face with regard to skills terminologies. One can take a look at them in this page.

Issues with Skills Nomenclature

In the Skills Ontology i.e. the backend, when skills are added, they are normalized. Like in a thesaurus, terms are equated if they refer to the same thing or concept.

There are different scenarios for such equation.

  1. Spelling differences

  2. Acronyms

  3. Synonyms

These have been discussed in the page on Issues with Skills Nomenclature. So we are not going into details here.

For an user who is creating a Skills Profile using the Skills Profiler in the frontend, the system will take the user to the primary term (used by the system) whichever of the equated terms she searches on. Examples: 1. When Internet Marketing is searched user will be taken to Online Marketing 2. When Dotnet is searched user will be taken to .Net 3. When user searches on AI the user will be taken to Artificial Intelligence

IYS has spent considerable time curating differentiated but common meaning terms. And this normalization is a continuous activity.

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