A framework for Skills Profile

IYS adopts some of the existing frameworks on competencies or capabilities to use a framework on skills for organizing skills without formalizing the framework itself

Skills Profile is bring together different skills from different categories of skills.

And profiles are important. We have profiles in many other fields. Consumer Profile or Buyer Profile in Sales and Marketing, Health Profile in Healthcare, Financial Profile in Finance.

The superior the profiling, superior the personalization on delivery of products or services. Leading platforms are constantly enriching data on our profiles with them to make it more and more precise and comprehensive.

In the case of Skills Profile, IYS considers these dimensions being relevant to profiling:

  1. Knowledge (of concepts, methods, processes)

  2. Expertise with Tools & Technologies

  3. Activities performed

  4. Behavioral / Soft Skills

  5. Domain or Contextual experience

  6. Certifications

  7. Roles

This is similar to the organization of skills in ONet and ESCO (two other popular skills taxonomies in public domain) There are points that need mentioning here.

  1. IYS does not use these exact words or phrases (like "Expertise with Tools & Technologies") when it organizes skills or presents them to users. We dont want to bring jargons which people are not familiar with. This framework is a guide for organizing and presenting skills.

  2. The weightage and importance to the dimensions may vary for different areas / functions / occupations. Some may have high weightage on activities, some on knowledge. Again it is not necessary that all functions / areas / occupations necessarily need to have skills in each of these dimension. If we take Carpentry for example, we may have Domain or contextual experience, soft skills and role as dimensions relevant for them. Note: IYS consciously stays away from granular level detailing on skills. In many occupations frameworks we see such detailing. And this IYS feels is unnecessary. For example, stating for Carpentry, things like Should be able to chisel wood, Should be able to use Hammer are unnecessary. IYS uses its judgement on what level of detailing is necessary.

  3. The framework helps in organizing skills for different functions. Every time we ask when creating skills construct for an area - What Knowledge areas does this Area require? What tools & Technologies are applicable?

The Skills Profile framework also helps in one another significant way - in career guidance. Different people have different aspirations for their careers. We can use this framework for clarifying thoughts on what path one wants to take. We could use the framework to ask: Do you want to improve your expertise in the knowledge areas and become as expert in them? Do you want to learn new tools & technologies that are applicable to your function? Do you want to move to a different domain? Do you want to be playing a different role?

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