IYS Skills Profile

A simple presentation of skills and proficiencies in skills, paving way for powerful analytics and thereon, superior Human Capital Management.

The thinking behind Skills Profile is simple. We need a common and simple template for presenting skills. One that is applicable to all and for all times. Resumes and Job Descriptions have lived their life. They need to be put into RIP. They are textual (who reads text these days), difficult to create and manage (so outsourced to resume writers), in free for all form, do not bring out the proficiencies and are transactional. We have simply adapted the template that was very useful and effective in school - Report Cards.

Report cards are a simple template of where students stand in different areas including the academic subjects, the extra curricular activities and behavior. Every term the report cards were update for the students considering the student activities in that term. Report cards helped easily understand how students performed across different areas, where their strengths were, where their weaknesses were, how students compared against each other in different disciplines and how students progressed term to term. It is a simple, yet powerful and effective template. IYS Skills Profile is like the Reports Cards - a simple structured representation of skills across different dimensions of skills. Skills Profile conveys the skills that has a person has and the proficiencies in those skills. In the case of Skills Profile the same structure and template can be used for the two fundamental constructs of the talents space - job profiles and people profiles. Like Report cards it can then be useful in many ways. Easy identification of strengths and weaknesses of one's skills, comparison of profiles of people, tracking progress on development, setting development plans and such.

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