Applications of Skills Profile

IYS Skills Profile is a powerful data set for the skills landscape that can be applied in multiple use cases in the realms of the Human Capital space

In the Human Capital space there are two fundamental constructs of information. One is profile of a job and the other is profile of individuals. Individuals can take different avatars at different times. They could be students, candidates (when applying for jobs), employees, contractors and such. Most of the Talent Management activities depend on and revolve around these two constructs. Recruitment involves matching of people profile and job profile. Career development involves identifying the jobs that match one's skills or suggesting skills that need to be developed to move to an aspired job. Succession planning involves identifying people and their level of match to the profile that needs to be filled. Resource deployment involves identifying people for matching profiles and re-allocating them accordingly. Learning & Development function involves identifying the gaps in the skills of the individual vis a vis that of the his or her current job or the one that he or she aspires for and planning for development of these skills. In all these areas, as we can see Skills Profile plays a fundamental role. In all these areas the effectiveness of the function depends on the quality of data of skills of people and jobs. IYS Skills Profile with its comprehensive and precise data on skills and proficiencies presented in a structured manner will immensely contribute to effective data crunching for these functions to become more effective.

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